18 July, 2007

last day of 25

Ever have one of those days when all the balls you've tossed in the air over the past few weeks/months suddenly start to plummet to the ground and try as you might you can't seem to juggle them all any more? Yeah, I'm having that kind of day.
The kind of day that can only be helped by a large glass of wine, a plate full of brownies and an early birthday present that left my hair silky and straight as can be. Thank goodness for near in tears calls to the hubby at 4:30 - by 6:30 when I finally made it home all three were waiting for me - along with a yummy dinner and Dr. Who Netflix (with David Tennent - double yummy).
Over all 25 was a good year - Michal and I were married, I was promoted, I learned how to build an ottoman and knit things that a real person can wear. Many more good things happened this year, but the wine and the sound of balls dropping are it making it all a blur.
So here's to 26 - and the hope of holding it all together again!
Plus I have fabulously straight hair - thanks to the Chi!

UPDATE- It is not a good idea to chase a glass of wine with a glass of milk (from the same wine glass no less). I don't care how much brownies call for milk - it will curdle in your stomach and it feels as gross as it sounds.

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