14 July, 2007

Soundtrack of a life

While flipping through the itunes store, looking at Contemporary Singer/Songwriters itunes Essentials tonight and scrolling through the list I was transported back to so many different times in my life - all in one playlist.
I'm in a weird happy/sad moment.
Ah, singer/songwriters...you are the soundtrack to my life.

Which brings me to a funny story to get out of my momentary funk.

Once in college I lent my car to a friend. In the tapedeck was a mix tape called "soundtrack". My friend listened to the whole tape and upon returning from his trip mentioned that it was cool that I had put together a soundtrack of my life.
It wasn't - It was just a mix of Priscilla Queen of the Dessert and Reality Bites.

I guess it works - Here's to the past and all the really great music that got me through it!

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