31 July, 2007

quick run down

Michael is a computer hog.
But I can't really blame him, he's been working on some cool projects which has left me time to work on some of my own like:
- Finishing Harry Potter! (So good - and final)
- Plunging right into The Golden Compass. (Very interesting so far)
- Knitting a second shrug. (The first one turned out very cute so I'm trying again with a few modifications.)
- Watching Season Two of Doctor Who. (Oh David Tennent - you just get yummier)
- Work, work and more work (I love it, but if I haven't gone in early I've stayed late (or both) for the past few weeks, and its starting to wear on me. We are interviewing this week so hopefully we will be getting some extra help soon.)
- Planning out my next sewing project. (Booties!!!)
- Enjoying the bounty of the garden. (I made pesto last night and I'm just waiting for Pepe the Pepper to turn red so I can eat him too.)
- Enjoying the bounty of other peoples gardens. (The farmers market is my new favorite place. This weekend I made zucchini curry soup that even Michael liked from one of my finds.)

Well, that's about it. Hopefully I'll pick up the posting again.

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