25 July, 2007

Somedays I really want a baby

Like everyday that I see a baby and get to hold one. Or when I walk into our guest room and think about how cute it will look with the airplane mobile above the bed for little Finnegan (Finn). This happens a lot. I become all aglow with baby desire.

Then Tallulah wakes us up at 4:00am - throwing up on our rug.

Then I realize how much less sleep we'll be getting.
And how much more vomit we'll be cleaning up.

And then, then I stop wanting a baby and start really loving my life.
With it's sleeping and hanging out and lack of cleaning up someone else's bodily functions.

So as much as I love holding a baby - for while yet - I'll be holding them, loving them and then giving them right back!

(But seriously, Finn's room will be sooooo cute!)

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