16 August, 2007

Home Again

In the morning I leave for a trip with my Mom, Aunt and Cousin. Tonight I'm staying at home, my childhood home. The home I haven't really stayed at for 2 years. I've slept on the couch here once or twice when I've had early flights, but that's about it. Tonight I'll be sleeping in my old room, which still has the glow in the dark stars I stuck on the walls years and years ago. Strange. The house looks different - both bathrooms have been remodled, there are new couches and alt he carpet has been replaced with wood floors. It's a nice change, the house looks great, but its not the same. But the family is, its nice to spend time with them.
Mattie and I hung out tonight. He's a good kid and it was nice to hang out with him while we wandered through Target.
Well I've got a plane to catch in a few hours so I'm off to bed.

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