18 September, 2007

Conversations with Strangers

As a general rule I don't like to travel. I usually always get sick - just like this weekend when I came down with a sinus infection on Wednesday and by Friday I also had Strep Throat which made my marathon working weekend in SLC and Seattle super fun. Nothing like being up and working/traveling for 20 hours while sick. It was a good time.
But there is one thing I do enjoy about traveling - talking to people on the plane/train/subway. A few weeks ago while in St. Louis I sat next to an Indian man who told me about all the many places he has lived. India, Isreal, Cyprus, New York and now St. Louis. It was really interesting and pleasent. During this trip I sat next to a carpenter from Seattle who is completely remodeling a house - only to find out that the old woman who used to own the house was murdered in the living room by her handiman! Creepy. The guy was really nice, we talked about our dogs, and traveling and home repair and he gave me some pointers about getting around Seattle.
Meeting new people that I will never meet again (and don't even know their names) is my favorite part of traveling.

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