10 September, 2007

favorite season

It is almost cold outside. Not cold, cold, but a delightful break from summer heat. Our weekend of nearly autumn weather sent me straight into the kitchen this weekend. I just can't work up the energy to really cook when its hot out.
This was a yummy weekend which included my first ever risotto. It was great. Creamy and smooth rice with seasoned zucchini and small bites of steak for protein. No wonder its Italian comfort food! The only downside is that you are wedded to the stove top for 30-40 min of constant stirring. Next time I'm bringing a book on tape.
I also made my chewy granola bars with dried apricots and prunes. Unfortunately I only had 1/3 cup butter and it calls for 1 cup, so there wasn't enough fat to hold the bar together so we were left with a crumbly tray of granola. Still good and extra good with ice cream or pudding. I realize that kind of defeats the purpose of a healthy snack, but I was going to eat the ice cream or pudding anyway - this just makes it better for me.
Tonight I am making Roasted Chicken and Veggies. I'm using Purivan Blue Potatoes and carrots so the colors are amazing. Bright purple potatoes cheer up any plate.

I love this psudo-autumn weather and all the great food that comes with it. I can't wait for the real autumn (it's going to get hot again this week)!

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Amy said...

You should do a google search on risotto and stirring - a lot of people say that it's not really necessary to stay right on top of it. Another option if you think you'll be doing it often is just a little 4-6 quart pressure cooker. Then you don't have to stir at all!