27 October, 2007

My Favorite Places - the kitchen desk

There was a white desk that lived in the garage of my grandparents house for many years. The drawers held fishing tackle, old batteries and change during the annual garage sale.
It was long ago painted white, but now the paint has rubbed off in places and flaked off in others. When we moved into this house the desk was one of several pieces of furniture that came with us. In the past 2 years it has served as the entry hall table, the hold everything in the kitchen table with Tallulah's kennel hiding under it and now it is our kitchen desk.
Situated under a cheery window and lots of light its a great place to enjoy a bit of breakfast or flip through recipes. A few weeks ago I painted the chair bright apple green and made a little cushion from a table runner which finished the area off perfectly.
It is a lovely little spot to sit and enjoy the smells of the kitchen and dream about what is to come.

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