25 October, 2007

Taking a stand for chest hair

Yesterday was the last straw for Daily Candy emails.
a) everything is a little too chi chi and expensive for my tastes
b) yesterday's product just offended me. More so then all the trite and ridiculously priced under garments or vacations to private islands that cost more then my house. It was a body hair remover. That on it's own wouldn't be a problem, but the story that went with it just made me mad.

Just Say NoNo

Barry White’s cranking. Yes! Yes!
Asti spumante’s flowing.
Yes! Yes!
Ricky’s seductively unbuttoning his shirt.
Yes! Yes!
To reveal a dense, coarse, jet-black man pelt. No! No!

We like to think that such a scenario may have inspired the invention of the NoNo, a new, in-home hair removal gadget that painlessly defuzzes while slowing regrowth.

Am I the only person in there mid-20's who thinks chest hair is manly? Is it so beyond belief that some people think men with hairless chests look - well naked? I get that not every guy and grow a man pelt, but those that can - you shouldn't be ashamed of it. It's manly and I for one like it!

So daily candy, you can keep your crazy trips and designer cats, I'll keep my man and his chest hair.

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