12 October, 2007


Last weekend we went to the Pumpkin Patch with Scott and Tricia. It was awesome - the best pumpkin patch EVER. We bought 100lbs of pumpkins. Pumpkins of all colors: light blue, pale orange, speckled green, white and black. Plus lots of gourds, gourds that look like pears. I love them all!
So today I set up our autumn display with the pumpkins. It needed something else so I spray painted a folding chair matte black. Then as I was in a spray painting mode I painted the folding chair from the kitchen - only to realize that it was only temporarily in the kitchen. It really belonged in the sun porch where it pairs with 3 other white folding chairs. But now it's green so it is going to stay in the kitchen. I then added a cushion for the chair using the end of a table runner that is too long for our table.
The painting mood continued as I painted my grey dresser dark brown. I looked really nice so I stared painting Michael's already brown dresser the new darker brown. Tomorrow we will go out and pick up new hardware for the dressers and that project will be done!
And to top off the projecting Michael and I finally framed and hung some pictures in our dining room - something we have been meaning to do for 2+ years now. We need to pick up two more frames, but this is progress.
Overall it was a nice day of projecting!

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