13 October, 2007

Day 15 - The Challenge

It's been 15 days - halfway through - and time has come to evaluate the Challenge. Yep...uh-huh...okay...Sigh.

I've been a Challenge slacker. Aside from stepping up my yogurt and cheerios consumption I haven't really been eating much better. I've eaten out for lunch WAY more than I should and dinner is pretty hit or miss too.
Then there is the exercise and meditation. The exercises are weak at best. Note how not once has "Walked 3 miles" or even "Walked to the Library" made the list. Nor has "did 1 one of the many workout tapes". Meditation is even worse. granted grating veggies is pure relaxation on my part, but it is still moving - doing something. That is not being still.
I have been sleeping better but that has more to do with the shift in weather then anything I am doing.
At the halfway point I give my self a C- (because the thought of anything lower just makes me sick) with a strict warning to do better from here on out. Days 16 - 30 better show some improvement!

Breakfast: Raisin Bran Crunch.
Lunch: Ordered General's Chicken and Crab Rangoon
Dinner: 2 soft tacos from Chipotle. (Chicken, Rice, Fajitas veggies, corn salsa, sour cream, cheese and lettuce)
Snacks: More Dr. Pepper than I've consumed all week combined.

Exercise - Does lots of painting count? My arm is sore from holding the spray paint nozzle down.

Meditation - What do you think?

Sleep - Badly. The Dr. P kept me up and then a thunderstorm rolled in waking me up, which was actually a relief as I was having bad dreams.

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