18 December, 2007


I'm a Grinch this year. I don't want to shop, the few times I have gone out have been disasters. And I don't really want anyone to shop for me either. I don't really want anything. The only things I do want are for the yard - a fence and some sod. Seriously.
Michael and I have paired down Christmas to the bare minimum too. He's getting a new bathrobe (he knows), I purchased myself some books (which I'll wrap and open on Christmas) and the 1st season of How I Met Your Mother (best show ever) is our combined gift. That's it. The idea of putting anything else into the house just makes me cringe. It could be that I've been struggling with the ever flowing pile of junk that is our guest room. I want things to leave the house, not come it. Also, I've only put up about half the decorations because I just don't want the clutter.

Yeah, I'm a Grinch this year. Sorry.

I do have a car load of non-perishable food to take to the food pantry, and gifts for most of the people on my list, so I'm not a total Grinch, but I'm not Who either.

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