20 December, 2007

Happy Birthday Tallulah!

Today the Doodle turns 2! Can you believe it? I can't. Well actually I can, Lullah's grown up a lot since we we picked her up her up in good old Diamond, MO after checking out the Precious Moments Chapel.
The chapel was so awesome - and so is that bearded guy.
Awesome and scary.
Wasn't she the cutest thing in the entire world?
I fell in love with this little baby when she fell asleep in my lap on the car ride home.

Today my 55lb two year old and I played tug of war, wrestled and I was very glad that I convinced Michael to get a puppy in February when we had planned to wait until the Spring.

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StyleSwag said...

Thank you very much for stopping by and complimenting my Tallulah.

She is so easy to train and she LOVES children. She runs around with them if that's what they want or if they just want a hug she sits in front and they hug her.

Thanks for the tip about the toys. She doesn't seem to be destructive with shoes but she sure has a taste for wooden chairs!