27 January, 2008

dog tired

This was a big weekend for Tallulah. On Friday we headed over to our friend's Nick and Kelly's where Tallulah ran around with their dog Justice. Justice is a very calm and mild mannered dog, but they still had some good running around and playtime. And then Nick started playing with Tallulah which made Justice mad, I could tell she was thinking "Keep your grubby paws away from my man!" It was a really fun night.
Then today since it was finally warmed (YEAH) we decided to go to Shawnee Mission dog park. It was a nice, though muddy hike for us and some great really muddy running around for Tallulah. She was FILTHY. Then we came home and the park across the street was packed with dogs so she went and ran around there before coming in for a much needed bath.
This is one tired dog. I wish our camera was working because she is awfully cute right now.

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