29 January, 2008

Son of a Biscuit its cold again

Tonight I went out with the girls for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory - home of ridiculously large portions and equal prices. But it was worth the splurge for the company and for the Chicken and a Biscuit - one of my favorite eating out meals. Breaded chicken, mashed potatoes, 2 shortcake biscuits, carrots and mushrooms, all smothered in country gravy. Seriously what could be better?
The only thing would have been if it hadn't been freezing again. The temperature dropped 20 degrees this morning. Yesterday I didn't need a coat and today I could have used a tuan-tuan to cut open and warm myself up in. (Star Wars reference for Michael)
Here's hoping it doesn't stay cold much longer. But it is still January so it's the snow and cold are to be expected.

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