18 February, 2008

Destressing things i've learned today

1) It is really cold in the plains. Why anyone decided to build an outdoor shopping complex on the Kansas plains is just ridiculous. Not only is is cold, but it is essentially a great big wind tunnel. And frankly not worth it. All the Factory Stores and Outlets are just as expensive as the regular stores, except I don't like anything as well. Also the bathrooms in the restaurant were way too small. When I think the a toilet is too low to the ground - something isn't right.
2) Adults should not drink icees. They are for children only and even then I don't think they are really a good idea. I had a White Cherry icee (hoping to at least avoid the dye) and have spent the past few hours wanting to throw it back up.
Icee + Adults = cookie tossing.
3) If anyone should be using turn signals it is the police. That's right, I'm talking to you Mr. Police Man who turned into to Culver's without signaling. Set a better example.

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