17 February, 2008

Making Cornish Pasties

I've wanted to make Cornish Pasties for a long time now. So on this snowy February day, while Michael paints in the basement I decided to make some. I used the recipe out of Cooking: A Commonsense Guide, a British cookbook that is about as straight forward as it gets. (I really recommend this cookbook, aside from having to convert the measurements it is a great tool with wonderful and easy to follow recipes.)
They turned out great and I have big plans for the next batch. Really anything wrapped in dough has to be good. Plus they are a great lunch box food!

Check out my tutorial and make your own.

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Tricia said...

Those look so cute! Little dinner pocketbooks. =)
I made whole wheat pizza dough last night - it was so fun and easy, and DELICIOUS. We topped it with onions, green peppers (which I am not supposed to eat!), tomatoes, italian sausage and mozzerella and parmesan cheeses. Mmm. I'm having the leftovers right now for lunch!