17 February, 2008

Tallulah is so mad at us she can barely see straight

It's snowing, wet, heavy snow. Michael took Tallulah out to play in it this morning and she came in smelling like fish. She's been fairly stinky for a few days now so a bath was in her future. So after her romp in the snow I gave her a bath. And then blew dry her. Which she HATES. But I did it anyway, because it is cold outside and she needed to get dry. So we battled through that, which ended with her sitting on the couch sulking.
A few hours later Tallulah starts barking. Running around and barking. It turns out that all of her doggy friends were across the street having fun in the snow. But since Tallulah just had a bath and a blow dry she is not allowed to go into the snowy, muddy field and get wet again.
She is really mad about this. She just keeps running around and barking. She is refusing to play with us. Instead she runs up to us, barks and then runs to the door. Or she runs to us, barks and then stares at us with rays of hatred.
She is so mad.

(I've even closed all the blinds so she can't see them out there, but she knows. And she'd pissed.)

Here she is exhausted from all the hatred.

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