16 February, 2008

Did he think Morgan was a guy?

This Valentine's Day Michael, being the sweet man that he is, had a bouquet of flowers delivered to the office for me. At least once a year he sends me flowers, from the same florist, the florist who did out wedding flowers. I LOVED our wedding flowers, they were exactly what I wanted, but I was VERY clear about what I wanted. Michael is not so clear.
Last year a bouquet arrived that was so tall it would not fit in my car (and looked suspiciously like something you would see in a nitch at a wedding or funeral). This year it was more under control (though still huge), but it had another thing going for it.
It is super gay. I really like it, I do, but it is a very gay flower arrangement. Which led me to two conclusions:
1) Michael did not give any directions about the flowers, giving the florist full range to express himself.
2) The florist thought that Morgan was a guy.

I think it is a combination of the 2.

Whatever the cause, I love my gay flowers. Plus it gave us a good chuckle during a week of sore throats and running noses.

Sorry the photo comes up sideways. I don't know why it is doing this.

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