02 April, 2008

The Letter C

C is for Cookie and also for Cash.

I gave up "superfluous spending" for lent this year. Mainly this involved giving up going to Target, but as you may well know going to Target is almost a necessity. (They have the best price for dog food) But it also meant keeping a check on every purchase I made and trying to decide if it was really needed - and normally it was not. I didn't go into stores where I knew I would be tempted to spend. And when my credit card bill arrived this month is was less than half of what it normally is! Holy crud, I normally spend way too much money! These past 40 days have been a great lesson in living with less - not even less - but just with what we already have and the things we really need.
So I'm going to continue this ban on superfluous spending, we will see how much I save. I could always just go shopping in my own closet. I have lots of yarn and fabric, enough to keep me busy for quite some time.
So C is for the Cash that I hope to save!

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