01 April, 2008

The Letter B

B is for Ball and Also for Babies.

There are many babies around me right now. A friend welcomed Miss Lily a month ago and another friend is pregnant. There are babies every where I turn.
I've been hesitant to write about this, but here it goes: Our world has been turned upside down this past month. On Feb. 28th we found out we were pregnant only to have a miscarriage a week later. It was heartbreaking and has caused me to act in all sorts of irrational ways. I never knew there were that many tears inside a person. Michael and the family were wonderful, as could only be expected.
To make matters worse my body wasn't healing from the miscarriage and after nearly 3 weeks of bleeding and my hormone levels staying high I had a D&C on Tuesday. I am still sore and tired and I didn't know that my body would need so much rest. And unfortunately the procedure still hasn't resolved everything. It may have been an ectopic pregnancy. We are still looking into the possibilities.
The whole thing just makes me sad. Sad and confused and strangely thankful for all the good things I have in my life. Now if I could just get my body back to normal that would be great.
B maybe for babies, but it is also for belief. A belief that good things will come around again and that my friends and family are always there for me.
What could be better than that?

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Alexa said...

:-( Good things, and babies, will DEFINITELY be in your future. You are the most motherly and caring and loving person EVER!