23 March, 2008

The Letter A

I'm getting a jump on NaBloPoMo for April. This months theme is "Letters". While I can't promise that I will write every day in April I am going to try. So this is my head start.

A is for Apple. A is also for Amick.

For 25 years I was an Amick and really I am still an Amick: I just have a new last name. I loved being an Amick – here are some of the things that makes one “Amick-y” in my opinion. If you are, or love an Amick you may have different ideas, but here is the list from one former Amick.

Amick’s sit in the front row, they like to read or learn. We have lots of useless information squirreled away. We are a little bit mousy and dress a little bit differently. No matter how much we hear that we are beautiful it still comes as a shock when we see it. Amick’s often put others first – sometimes to our own detriment. We listen a little too closely to others criticism, but can overcome them when we really put our mind to it. Amick’s love the little, fun things in life – like going to the zoo, so walking through a park. We fall in love really hard – sometimes waaaay too easily. Because of this, we get our hearts broken. Amick’s are not very tall, but even though we joke about it, it doesn’t really bother us. Amick’s cry at sad movies and also happy ones. Family means a lot to us, weather that family is the whole group or just one person or dog that holds our heart. We will always be there if needed. Amick’s are fun and goofy and love the childish things in life. We cannot sing nor are we very good at playing any musical instruments…no matter how long we practice.
I am an Amick and I can’t think of anything better. We may have our flaws, but I’m in good company.

(As is also for Alexa - a wonderful friend and a sister at heart who has spent so much time at the Amick house that she will be an Amick forever!)

1 comment:

Alexa said...

A is also for ALEXA!!!!!!!!

But I am THE honorary member of the Amick family so it all works out! I MISS MY SECOND FAMILY!