22 March, 2008

Like mother like daughter

Well, really girl and puppy.

Today we took Tallulah to get her rabies vaccines and she went into anaphylactic shock. Since she was at the vet's when it happened they got her hooked up to some steroids and antihistamines right away so she's fine. When they called they said she went pale and her face swelled up. What I can't understand is how a black dog goes pale or with her super fluffy face how you can tell if it is swelling.
She stayed at the vet most of the day and when I called my mom to tell her about this and to let her know and any children we may have will not be vaccinated, my mom said that they should be vaccinate - but just not all at once. So imagine my surprise when I finally picked up Tallulah that she hadn't just received her rabies vaccine, but 5 others as well.
She had vaccines for 6 different things all at once! Now wonder she had a reaction. Poor girl.
So for the next 3 days I'm giving her 2 benadryl twice a day. Luckily she is in the right house - we know benadrly here.

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