19 March, 2008

writers block

leads to surveys....sorry
Morgan's 10

Name: Morgan
Age: 26

Favorite subjects in school?
Theatre and History

Your best sport?
Reading...I don't "sport"

Fav designers?
Those fantastic people at Target.

Current project?
The never ending backyard

Your wheels are?
The Baby Honda

Your favorite doll?
Samantha. Still is great shape after all these years.

Favorite movie?
Jane Eyre and Love Actually, also Newsies

What WB heroine do you most relate with?
The girl who wasn't Claudia in Angel - the one with the long hair.

You wear an apron to...?
make messy foods

Book you've checked out the most times from the library?
Aunt Dimity - Vampire Hunter (the title is tounge in cheek and the book was really good)

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