07 April, 2008

The Letter G

G is for Goose and also for Grape Jelly

Yesterday I had my first BP&J. Well actually AB&J. We all know the Peanut Butter is a deal breaker for me. A few weeks ago I purchased some Almond Butter but yesterday finally found the courage to try it. It looks like what I imagine peanut butter to look like and it made a convincing sandwich.
Michael actually made the sandwich and then stood there with Benadryl in hand, ready to save me from an allergic reaction. Luckily nothing happened. It was just a sandwich. After 2 bites I was done (there is still a lot of mental things going on with eating something that looks like a PB&J) so Micheal finished it off. His first such sandwich in years - he gave up the peanut butter when we moved into the house.
It was good and I think that I'll try it again someday soon. Grape Jelly is the only way to go.

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