08 April, 2008

Pardon me whilst I complain.

We are going to tackle this with bullet points - today's been THAT good.
  • Our refrigerator has stopped running. We cannot catch it.
    • The freezer part is freezing so well that everything is rock hard and I think it gave me frost bite when I was pulling things out of it.
    • The fridge part is warm. Everything is lukewarm and now I've got to decide what can be kept and what has to be tossed. The brand new gallon of milk? spoiled All that yummy cheese? Ruined. The brand new jar of Almond Butter? Most likely it's go to go too.
  • I have a vicious sinus infection.
    • It's already in my throat and about an hour ago my ears started to hurt too.
  • There is water in our basement.
    • It seems that the weeks of drain installation did no good.
    • The basement looks just like it always does after it rains.
    • I am disappointed and surprised.
  • My 2:45pm drs. appointment took until nearly 4:00pm to be actually seen.
    • Then the pharmacy lost my perscription.
  • We have ants.
    • The kitchen has been scoured and cleaned from top to bottom and we have sprayed for bugs, but still they come.
    • They are also in my bathroom...in my bath-tub. So I'm going to take a bath with some ants because I really need to take a bath.

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