01 May, 2008

Project Updates!

  • 38 more rolls of sod and the yard is 9/10th covered in grass. We need just a few more rolls along the south side and this project will get the big “FINISHED” stamp.
  • The bag still lies in pieces on my desk. I did cut out the new exterior so hopefully this weekend I’ll attempt to sew it together. I just used remnant fabric for this first attempt and now that I have screwed it up in every possible way and made notes for myself I think I am ready to proceed to making one for real. But I better actually sew up the muslin first.
  • The wrap dress is ¾ complete. I think that it will be finished by next weekend. I got a lot done while waiting for the Honda to get an oil change. It is turning out better than I expected and giving me courage to attempt some more complex knitting projects.
  • The house is actually looking good. We turned off the heater this week and opened the windows – fresh air makes such a difference.

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