28 April, 2008

The weekend of 1/2 projects.

We started lots of projects this weekend and finished none of them. Here is a sample:
  • We laid 1/2 a yard of sod. 35 rolls = less than 1/2 of our tiny yard.
  • I made 1/2 a bag. Well actually I cut out and assembled it then realized that I was doing it all wrong - and had to tear it all back out and start again.
  • I also realized that the last 30 rows on the wrap dress I've been working on for weeks were totally wrong. So I had to rip that back out too.
  • We cleaned about half the house and then decided we were too tired/lazy to finish.
  • I also bought lots of plants, but then didn't actually plant them. The sun porch is now a greenhouse.
I'm just hoping that sometime this week we can finish all of these projects.

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