24 May, 2008

The Roma Has It!

Thanks to everyone who voted on the replacement tomato. I'll search out a good Roma plant today. My mystery heirloom plant is growing like gangbusters. We put up the tomato cages last week and I think it likes it. The Green Zebra is still looking puney, but I think if I wasn't comparing it to heirloom it would be fine.
Rabbits have been invading and eating my swiss chard. It is strange to go out there one day and see lots of leaves and the next its been nibbled down to the stalks. I'm not too worried though, they seem to be leaving everything else alone and the chances of getting Michael to eat Chard was slim at best. The lettuce is getting huge, so we will be eating lots of salad. The crookneck squash and zucchini have put out little blossom nodes, so in a few weeks we will have squash. Oh, and there are tiny carrot sprouts! I just tossed some carrot seeds in the empty spaces in the garden and they have taken off. Now I regret not planting them in rows - oh well, live and learn.

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