24 May, 2008

Today's CSA Haul

I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed with the CSA last week, but this week it was great.
  • 1 whole free-range chicken (which I've already roasted)
    • The chicken turned out beautifully. I was slicing it when I realized that I should have taken a photo, but trust me it was perfect. And it tasted pretty good too. I chopped the rest of it up for soup or chicken salad later in the week.
  • 1 dozen farm fresh eggs (I'll be making a frittata later)
    • I made a potato and chicken frittata for breakfast, it was good but needed onions!
  • 1 jar of local honey (we use a surprising amount of honey in this house)
  • 1 jar of fresh made salsa (chips and dip are always welcome here)
  • 2 baguettes (I traded in the tofu - which I can't eat- for the second loaf)
  • 3 huge tomatoes (I'm sure they were grown in a hot house - but at least it was a local one)
  • a bunch of fresh rosemary (which I used to season the roasted chicken)

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