25 May, 2008

Muggy Mo

Today feels like May in Missouri. Muggy and still and sticky. It is not actually hot, but the air is so still and heavy that it seems hotter than it really is.
I'm still surprised that made it this far into May without more days like this. It has been a strange Spring.

We have been weeding the yard, mowing and trimming and basically trying to put everything back in place after the past few days of rain. It is amazing how fast the weeds, plants and grass grow in this kind of weather. I may be drooping but the garden looks great. The new Roma seems to be adapting well - hopefully it will catch up with the others soon.

I've been watching the crookneck squash and I can almost see it growing. Yesterday there was just the first hint of a blossom and today you can see three tiny squash. Every time I go back - even just an hour later I can tell that it has grown. It really is shocking and wonderful.

Now if only it wasn't so terribly muggy out.

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