21 July, 2008

In which I (surprise, surprise) complain about the weather

It's hot. July in KC hot. Every year I forget what it is like and am startled the first (or 50th) time I burn the back of my legs on the car seat. I blissfully forget about the searing pain of touching a hot door handle (seriously I need oven mitts for some of these doors) until once again I find myself cursing the summer sun.

During this heat wave we are trying to productive by cleaning out our closest in preparation for a garage sale that the in-laws will be holding later this summer and where we plan to share our crap, I mean junk, I mean very valuable items for which we no longer have a need. It appears the guest room closet served no other purpose than to hold the things we weren't ready to get rid of yet, but knew we someday would.

We also painted some swatches on the walls of that room. It's a small room and painting it should be no problem at all. While I love the strange sage-y green and cream that is EVERY room of our house, it is time for at least one room to have a change. Apparently our bedroom will never be that room - for years now I've wanted to paint it but have been vetoed every time. I think we will paint the guest room a muted yellow. It's subtle yet vibrant and should enhance that little room.

On the sewing front I have cut out all the pieces for the dress, but I'm now at a loss because the directions don't make any sense. ZERO. I've read them at least 10 times and every time I'm more confused. The plan is now to throw the directions away and just go with my gut. It is a simple sun dress, it really can't be that hard.

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