10 July, 2008

The Taste of Summer

I'd forgotten how much I love watermelon. Today at the store I felt the urge to buy a giant quarter of one. When I got it home I immediately hacked off I giant wedge and began eating it over the sink - spitting the seeds into a little bowl and letting the sweet syrup flow. It was so good.

It tasted like summer, like riding my bike through giant puddles after a summer storm had cooled the air, like catching fireflies and climbing trees.

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tonkelu said...

When I was pregnant with JP I would buy half a watermelon at a time and eat the whole thing in just a few days. It tasted so good. I don't think, in my whole life, that watermelon has ever tasted that good. I haven't had any watermelon at all this summer (?!?) and will probably need to pick some up tomorrow because it just isn't summer without a little watermelon!