27 July, 2008

Who doesn't love ABBA?

Seriously, who?
Dancing Queen, Voulez-Vous, Waterloo? Classics! Plus any song that you can dance to like and idiot is awesome in my book. We saw Mamma Mia! for my birthday yesterday and I loved it - with two exceptions.
1) I think Meryl Streep was a bit old for the part
2) Peirce Brosan can not sing. Tricia and I actually cringed when we realized there was a second verse to his song. YIKES!

So I have just purchased the Broadway soundtrack instead. That was I get all the songs (plus some) and I never have to here PB sing again! Well until the winter when I buy the DVD.

1 comment:

tonkelu said...

I liked Streep very much but Brosnan...ugh. That was seriously ugly and a really poor casting choice.

When it comes out on DVD we need to have a girls' night in and dance and sing like idiots. We'll do it at your house and boot Michael over to mine and he and Mr. Tonks can play Wii or watch Hellboy (or another lame movie).