25 July, 2008

First Harvest

This week I finally harvested some veggies from the garden. I haven't fertilized at all so things are a little on the small and slow side, but I rally don't mind. The thrill really comes from walking outside and finding that I have yet to kill every plant in my garden.
Today's harvest consists of:
  • 1 small zucchini (I could have left it for another day or two, but I wanted to eat it with my lunch)
  • 2 roma tomatoes (the whole roma plant is about 1/3 the size of the others. I think it is because I planted it late)
  • 1 green zebra tomato (it too is small, but I like it that way)
  • 1 medium sized yellow, crookneck squash (that plant is over-running the garden)

Aren't they cute!

I immediately cut up and sautéed the zucchini and served it over pasta. It was delish! The pasta is Hodgson Mill's Organic Whole Wheat with Milled Flax Seed and it is very, very good. Slightly nutty but not gritty like some whole wheat pastas - plus it is the only omega 3 rich pasta I can find that doesn't use legume flour (aka - allergic reaction in a box).

This is all that remains of a cherry pie I made nearly two weeks ago. When I removed the plastic wrap it actually stank. Here is a note for all of you - if there is pie in your fridge EAT IT! Don't try to be nice and leave the last piece for someone else. It will just go bad in your fridge and make a sticky, stinky mess. Although the photo still looks fairly appetizing.

Right now I am savoring my first peach of the season. Just the smell is delightful. I love the way it melts in my mouth and tastes like sunshine and rainy, cool evenings at the same time.

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