23 July, 2008

2 Quick Tallulah Stories

1) Monday night we were eating dinner (tacos and baby carrots) when Tallulah suddenly picked up a tennis ball from under the table and dropped it in her toy box. Actually it is a...thing...that holds wood for our fireplace, but as our fireplace doesn't really work it hold Tallulah's toys. Anyway we were so excited that she put her toy away that I gave her a carrot from the the table. Something I should not do. She scampered off and ate the carrot and then came right back and looked at me for more. She did not get that she was rewarded for putting the tennis ball way. Michale tried to show her but in the end we were all frustrated and I gave her another carrot for putting up with us. But I am still excited that she put the tennis ball in her toy box. It's start.

2) Last night we took a walk down to the park. On the way there Tallulah found a deflated soccer ball - or in her mind - the biggest jackpot ever! She L-O-V-E, loves a deflated ball. She walked with that thing all around the park and back home. When we arrived back at the house she was so excited to get in with her prize that she walked head first into the still locked and closed door. Michael and I just started at each other and started laughing...poor girl.

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Tricia said...

That dog is crazy! =)