26 August, 2008

An Alarming NIght

We live across the street from an elementary school. Normally I love this. It's fun to see the kids out in the playground when I come home for lunch. We love to let Tallulah run around in the big field in the evening. Most of the neighbors we have met, we have met because they come to the playground with their dogs and kids too.
But this weekend I stared to hate the school. On Saturday afternoon and alarm of some kind went off...and stayed on until Monday morning. It's an irksome, constant sounds, which I suppose is better than those car alarms that change pitch and frequency every few seconds. Instead this sounds kind of like the locusts that are out there anyway, but louder and longer. And the locusts shut up at some point.
Late last night/early this morning the alarm went off again, waking both of us up. It stayed on for a couple of hours, but we both went back to sleep - having spent the weekend getting used to the noise.
I'm just hoping it won't go off again tonight.

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