24 August, 2008

Cajun Food is still my friend

I've been bit worried that finding myself in the baby-way would put an end to my eating spicy food. I don't love super hot, but I do love Cajun and Indian spices and they can both be on the hot side.

Last night my parents took us out to The Jazz, where I always get Shrimp Etufee. I love it, it is spicy and almost burns my tongue on the first bite - but then my mouth is nicely seared and I can enjoy the rest of it. I debated getting it last night, fearing I would regret it later. But in a WTH moment I ordered it anyway. It was as good and as hot as ever.
Admittedly I did eat 6 Hush Puppies while eating it (dipped in cocktail sauce - yum!) to cut the spice, but over all it was very satisfying.

And much to my surprise - I'm not really regretting it at all. My acid reflux was a tiny bit stronger last night than normal, but an extra Tums took care of things. So I call that a success!

Of course I only eat at the Jazz about every 6 months to a year these days, so I think I've gotten my fill for a while.

(Oh and thanks Mom and Dad, it was great to see you and eat some spicy food!)

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