05 August, 2008

i love a popsicle.

But it is hard to find a good. One that is more than just frozen sugar water or should I say "High Fructose Corn Syrup Water". Other the other end of the spectrum are the super big and filled with fruit chunks kind. I don't like to chew my popsicles, and I also want one I can eat before it melts and make my hands sticky.

Luckily I found Edy's Snack Size Fruit Bars. They are really good and the perfect size. Plus they are fruity without being chunky and while they have sugar they don't have HFCS.
I've eaten 2 today. The grape is surprisingly good considering I don't like grape flavored things. The flavors seem based on nature and not fake and overly sweet. The tropical is a little strange, because every time I eat one I expect it to be orange, but it's not - it's tropical and tart.
If you've been needing a popsicle this is my choice.

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tonkelu said...

The grape is good but lime is my very favorite.