02 August, 2008

Hot Hot Heat

Today I dragged Michael out to Lawrence, KS to go look at fabric. And I didn't really have to drag him. He willingly drove over an hour on the hottest day of the year to spend $20.00 on burgers and fries at local burger and then go to Sarah's fabrics so we could scout out fabric for the little bird's room.
I'm shocked that I get him.
I'm also shocked that we found some fabric that we like - for now. We decided to hold off getting anything until September when we find out if we will be bringing home Eleanor or Henry/Finnegan/Oliver/Jonah/Zorro/Beauregard. It was also nice to see what kind of things Michael envisions for the room.
Upon returning home - covered in sweat and utterly exhausted we crawled into bed and took a nap. Aside from a quick trip to the grocery store, I have been unable to do much else. The heat and the growing a person has taken it out of me.
I think I'll wait for it to cool off before asking to be taken on any more excursions.


tonkelu said...

Speaking of excursions...Marshmallow Kisses is going out of business and is having one heck of a sale beginning August 6th at 1 p.m. 80% off maternity clothes, 40% off strollers and 60-70% off everything else. Want to go? ;)

Little M said...

YES!! Let's do it, plus Gap Maternity is right there too.

tonkelu said...

I visited Gap Maternity yesterday and was none-too thrilled. I did, however, pick up a fabulous dress at Old Navy Maternity.