05 September, 2008

4+ my rear!

My boss and I spent 20 min trying to transform an transformer today.
It said it was easy and the box was labeled for kids 4+. Which would lead one to believe that a 4 year old could transform this transformer!

Eventually with the help of yet another person and about 10 more min we figured it out.

It was not worth that kind of build up.

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tonkelu said...

The Transformers of today are not nearly as cool (or functional) as those when we were kids.

JP's first Transformer was a tank. We had no problem un-transforming but, getting it back to its tank state took four adults (including Mr. Tonks the architect) well over half an hour to figure out how to get it back. And, yeah, I'm pretty sure it was advertised for 4+ or 5+. Can't remember. To this day (nearly 2 years later) I STILL can't transform the damn thing. It's infuriating.

Stupid Transformers.