03 September, 2008

The Remote Revolt

The remotes at my house are revolting against us and it's getting old. Here is the run-down so far:
  • The garage door opener works once every 20 to 50 times, so I sit there for minuets at a time trying to get the darn things to open or close.
  • The TV remote for the less than 2 year old TV has stopped letting us surf up. We can easily scroll down, but up is no longer an option.
  • Most infuriatingly the remote that works the bedroom ceiling fan and light has stopped working - leaving us hot and in the dark. There is no way to operate the light or the fan without the remote.
Yes, we have changed all of the batteries - sometimes several times. I do not know what is wrong, but it is a little bothersome that it's all happening at once.

This revolt must be quelled.

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