11 October, 2008

5 years

Yesterday my office gave me a gift card for working with them for the past five years. It's hard to believe I've been there that long. While I haven't loved every moment - and have thought about quitting a time or two (or three) I'm really glad I've stayed. It's a great office and I have wonderful co-workers.
Plus they bought dinner for Michael and I last night! Here's to a date night at the Hereford House! I ordered the Shrimp and Steak, but by the time I ate the salad (super yummy with Taro Stix), the baked potato (part of my eat three, whole baked potatoes a week diet) and my 4 HUGE coconut battered shrimp I was unable to even cut into my steak. Luckily steak reheats very well and I'm looking forward to eating that later.
So thanks office! I really enjoyed my dinner and the past 5 years with you. I'm looking forward to 5 more!

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