08 October, 2008

I've taken to dressing like a bag lady

It seems that now that I've out grown my clothes and every day my belly button looks less and less like a belly button should, I can only wear my office clothes for the time I am in the office. The moment I get home I strip off the business wear and done my "bag lady" clothes.
Today's ensemble features a cut off pair of pajama pants that I'm pretty sure I bought in jr. high. They become "cut offs" about 8 years ago when I tore the cuff off one leg then decided to lop off about 6 inches. So now they hit me mid calf - which looks great when paired with my fuzzy, red knee socks. Top this looks off with a ratty t-shirt and cardigan sweater with a hole in the neck and you've got yourself my after work look. Classy!
Oh, and if I have to go outside I toss on my paint stained crocks.
Yep, I'm looking good these days.
Michael has taken to shaking his head and laughing when he comes home.

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tonkelu said...

Now would be a good time to invest in some comfy maternity clothes. ;) You'll wear them the most before and after the baby is born.

Target has good, inexpensive long sleeve t-shirts and leggings
. Old Navy has some cute Yoga pants. You'll probably be more comfortable...albeit less humorous!