07 November, 2008

That's Coat-tastic!

It’s getting cold again and that means it is time to wear a coat! Whoo Hoo!

We love coats in this little yellow house. One of my favorite Michael stories is how when he got a new coat (a vintage wool Belgian Army coat) he would wear it around the basement because it wasn’t really cold enough to wear outside. Now that is a man who loves a coat!

We both have several coats and love them all. Unfortunately I can’t close any of my coats over my baby belly any longer.

Good side – I get to buy a new coat!
Bad side – I have to spend money to buy a new coat!

There is a cute maternity coat at Old Navy (http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=26258&pid=616670) that I would like to pick up with weekend. I just have to find an actual store with a Maternity section. Sizing is all crazy right now. There is one in Olathe, but that means driving out there and I may be too lazy to do that...

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tonkelu said...

There's one at Zona Rosa as well. You could also hit a couple thrift stores and just buy a size up.