11 November, 2008

Thinking about the Holidays...

Did you realize that it is already November 11th?! That's almost halfway through November. Our anniversary is coming up quickly, then Thanksgiving, then Christmas! Wow. This year has gone by so, so fast. I think carrying around this little guy has helped it speed along. (He'll be here in 90some days)
So I'm starting to think about the holidays and what we will do to celebrate this year. I have no desire to put up any of our holiday decorations. Michael brought up our autumn decor - normally my favorite. But it has just sat out for weeks because I really don't want it out. It seems I have no time for clutter right now, even cute autumnal clutter.
I've begun knitting scarves for people for Christmas and I think I'll do a baby hat or two for the cute baby girls in my life, Miss L who will be 10 months old for Christmas and Miss A who was just born last week. Our little guy will have his pick of sassy older women it seems :)
I may also make some blankets and rice packs (you can put them in the freezer when you need a cold pack, or heat them up in the microwave when you need something hot). We use our rice packs all of the time.
Just thinking about the Holidays this years fills me with joy and sadness. The world is in such bad shape right now. There are tons of lay-offs in this area and all we can do it hope to hold on to the jobs that we have and hope that same for our family and friends. But there is always joy, this little one is proof of that and I'm looking forward to looking into his eyes in February.

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