13 November, 2008

An experiment in budgeting

Last night we sat down with our budget. Talk about things I dread doing! Currently we are on page one of David Ramseys really long budget worksheet. We decided to take it one page a night so no one completely freaks out. So far it has made me realize a few things:

a) we have a horrible cell phone plan - we are paying way too much for little we use it. Plus it's lumped with our home phone and our internet - and it's still not a very good deal. I'll be looking into how we can change that.
b) I should not have a credit card. Not that I ever rack up debt we can't pay, but it just tempts me to spend. I've had a Credit Card since I was 16 years old - but now it is out of my wallet! Instead I have been given a $50 cash allowance a month to spend as I like - when that cash is gone I'm not allowed to buy anything else. This may finally break my eating out and going to target habits!
c) I have no clue what I owe on my school loans. Seriously I don't have any idea. So today I'm tracking that down.

I'm sure I'll learn even more fun stuff tonight as we move to budget page two! SCARY!

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Amy said...

That is so cool! I took Financial Peace University through work about a year and a half ago, and as of next month we will have everything paid off but my student loans - even the car two years early! Seriously, it's really cool to find out what you can do with your money if you don't let it just drip away mindlessly. Best of luck with the budget!