16 November, 2008

Getting a Jump on My "Thankful For" List

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. So much so, that Michael and I were married Thanksgiving weekend. I love that it is a day to show your apprecation for others without gifts. It is a day of good food (Sweet Potatoes, Turkey, Ham, Rolls, Pie! YUM!) and family.This year I've decided to get a jump on my "Thankful-For" list with my Friends.

I'm so very thankful for all of my wonderful friends. This was a hard year and I appreciate all that my friends have done for me. From listening to sobbing phone calls, to sending flowers, to hosting a baby shower for me and the little bird to chatting over a cup of tea. Old friends and new friends, they all mean so much to me.
So thank-you for letting me be apart of your life and for being a part of mine. I am so thankful for our friendship.

And if you thought you might be included in my group of friends, don't worry you are. The list is long and if I wasn't afraid I'd leave someone off I would share them all. Cheers to you!

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