11 April, 2010

How Does Your Garden Grow?

We have a very small backyard, and therefore a very small garden. I have two raised beds that are a foot and a half wide by 8 feet long. (I'm hoping to get one more) I also have 2 pots for herbs and I may get one or two more pots before the summer is over. In this small space I have crammed A LOT!


Starting in the far left hand corner are Carrots (seeds in the ground), Spinach (seeds in the ground), Butter-Crunch Lettuce, Parsley, Cilantro, 2 Red Leaf Lettuces, 2 Green Leaf Lettuces, 4 Cauliflowers, 4 Onions, 4 Broccoli plants, Basil, Sage, Brussel's Sprouts and 2 Zucchinis.

On the Patio we have Mint and Oregano in one pot and Rosemary and Thyme in the other.

If I can get a 3rd raised bed built this year I'll put Tomatoes, Peppers and Cucumbers in there. I'm also hoping to get a Potato Box built.

I'm excited to growing our own food this year.

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Becky said...

Ok, I must follow this blog as well. Usually I'm good about checking. This sounds so exciting! I took before pictures of our yard and hope to get plants in soon! This looks great. I'm jealous of the grass, but I totally understand gardening in small spaces!