02 April, 2010

How We Did: 3/27/10 - 4/2/10

Lunch: Hot Dogs and Chips
Dinner: Dinner out - it's Date Night!

Lunch: Awesome Everything Sandwiches, Kiwi and Bananas - Had Pita Chips instead of fruit. After cutting up the apples, pears and carrots in the sandwich I had my fill of fruit for the day.
Dinner: BBQ at friends house!

Lunch: Mini-Meatballs Subs, Garlic Bread - Decided Bread and the Rolls was overkill.
Dinner: Meat Sauce over Veggie Spiral Pasta, Ceaser Salad, Garlic Toast - This was really yummy!

Lunch: Turkey or Ham Sandwiches
Dinner: Pork Apple and Potato Cakes, Baked Corn - Total dinner FAIL! The Pork and Apple Cakes wouldn't stay "caked", they stuck the pan and basically created a grey mess. I tossed it out and we had Brats instead. Also we weren't a fan of the Bake Corn, which made me sad since it got such good reviews.

Lunch: Baked Corn and Brats - Since we had the brats the night before this ended up as a sandwich day.
Dinner: Roast Chicken Breast, Carrots and Herbed Potatoes and Salad - It was really nice out so I grilled chicken breasts and zucchini. I also made Crispy Oven Fries which turned out great! We did enjoy a salad as planned.

Lunch: Chicken and Avocado in Tortillas - YUMMY!
Dinner: Sausage and Cheese Quiche - Just wasn't in the mood for quiche so we did Sausage and Red Pepper Pasta instead.

Lunch: Sausage and Cheese Quiche - We started today off badly. Since there was no quiche or leftovers we had Hot Dogs and chips. I know, twice in 1 week. gross! If it helps at all they are all-beef franks...No, I didn't think so.
Dinner: Cob Salad with Chicken, Avocado, Cheese Cubes and Hard-Boiled Eggs - Yeah this was a FAIL - There wasn't any chicken leftover and I had to work late which meant I ran through Sonic and picked up fast food. Bad!

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Tara Gross said...

I love this idea! Definitely puts things into persepective. Glad the Crispy Oven Fries turned out good for you! :)